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on Senin, 03 Agustus 2009

seo Seo is very important to our blog and website, there is no loss seo diblog you practice, the following simple tips for seo practices
-Enter a keyword in the title on your blog, it is better if you put it on the left. Google's page to read up to down, left and right sidebar. Keyword placement this way help Google to capture all the content in the blog.
-In the Keyword Tags. Basically, you can enter keywords in the tag post. Tags act as links that can make it easier to search engines such as google categorize your blog. So hard to find posted on the search.
-Create a keyword in your blog more effective. Please remember not to spam, because google is very averse to the spamer. Google will not be reluctant to include you in their sandbox. Optimize keyword presentase with 3% - 7% in the blog article.
-Keyword anshor in the text. When you exchange links with relevant blogs. Try to ask the blog owner put anshor text as keywords that will be optimized.
There are still many other tips that can help you in doing the optimization of the blog traffic and revenue in the virtual world. After you implement the five ways above, I clearly will be very happy if you can produce and can increase revenue through Google Adsense. SEO is the first step in the travel blog.
Why the SEO for my visitors can create and automatically increased income also increased from the blog? Because the search that match the keywords in this blog. Many of those who want to get information about "How to Make Money Through Blog". Then they encouraged me to write better so that the course blog started changing direction. Most of us before, just write for fun, but after receiving some compensation from any posts on the blog. Destination switch to blog how to create a blog make money.
What about you? Is SEO able to increase visitors?

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