Tips to avoid computer viruses

on Senin, 03 Agustus 2009

virus The virus is very provoking for the computer user, if the virus has infected a computer must then re dinstall the lam take a few tips that when we follow, will make us avoid this virus. This tips are:
Does not run programs that are not known, especially in a file that can execute, bat dan.exe Installing antivirus program on your computer
Along with the development of such a computer where the user speed is given in the various technologies with ease kemudahannya, tips of the virus is still in the trust of the people It is true we have not fully apply anymore.
Some of the latest tips you can use yourself to avoid becoming victims of the virus-the virus is spreading fast in the computer world:
- Use of Anti Virus update
Use anti-virus is already a matter of course that's normal and always has been used. But we need to know who is so far no antivirus that can detect and eradicate all viruses circulating in the market. Moreover the virus-virus always appears with the new technology, which is always updated at each other and compete with the anti-virus program. Therefore, it is already a requirement for you to use antivirus program and update the virus definitions of your antivirus program that you may be rarely used to do.
Why should always be in the update? antivirus because you may not recognize the latest virus or worm, so the manufacturer usually antivirus program such as Symantec, F-secure, CA, etc. always provide updated information on the antivirus program so that they can identify the virus that are circulating. Update the virus definitions this can only happen every day, so you must be diligent, industrious update if possible.
- Check the latest information weaknesses
Has also become imperative to always check the information from each of the software we use. Suppose if we use the microsoft product is already a requirement for us to follow the mailing list from microsoft about the problem and update the security of their products. With the update, the computer will be small we fell ill by virus-virus or worm.
- Do not boot from any CD or diskette
All you do akan useless if you are booting from a CD or floppy disks, because so do you boot from the CD bervirus, to your computer with antivirus the most canggihpun akan useless. For that try to change the system BIOS so that you do not boot from the CD to avoid the sengajaan because there is still a CD in the CDROM. When you need to boot from the CD, you live the facility to boot from the CDROM.
- Eliminate autorun
Some of the advantages given to programs that you can use to become a boomerang for you. This is like the autorun facility of windows programs will run automatically when you insert a CD into the CDROM. Indeed, this is a facility which is very exciting because when we enter the cd, the song will automatically play in for us. When we enter the program CD, the installation program automatically appear, so we only need to click the next button and do not need to seek out programs that will be executed. But this is also used by the virus in the CD that will run itself without our ketahaui. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use this facility. Facilities to remove autorun on the CD:
1. Control Panel, system
2. Device Manager
3. CDrom
4. Autoinsert Notivication
Hopefully with a few tips you can avoid becoming victims of the spread of computer virus that has been increasing every day. Computers may be reproduced in the format but your data and the time course none not necessarily be normal

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