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on Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

my experience

ios 5

Posted: 19 Oct 2011 02:23 AM PDT

4th October 2011 the official version of Apple's IOS software, which will be entitled to five Apple products, along with compatibility with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd A fourth generation, iPad, and iPad seconds Now you know what hardware with Cisco IOS software for the fifth time, the work deals with the functions of IOS fifth

It is clear that we were talking, indicating the possibility of wireless functions. Icloud is another good idea that Apple comes up with will be able to access everything from their equipment. Functions that work for icloud iTunes, photos, documents, books, system backup, contacts, calendar and mail. You have 5 GB of free hard disk space is automatically given to you; you can gain access to additional features all the other Apple products. For example, if you had a new music album download to your iMac, and you will have access to their new iPhone 5 are not necessary to connect the five iPhone and upload all the songs. Now you can download songs wirelessly, because everything in your account icloud download all your Apple devices are available. The best way to express to you all the information that you download, is to believe in the cloud that for you everywhere. If you have access to this information, no matter what Apple device you want, press, and displays information about the device, while in the possession of rain. A simple and yet so fantastic and useful, Apple has always been so, and the main features of the IOS software executed by the fifth

Safari is back for more organization and less conflict arose. New and improved Safari Reader makes it easy to get rid of all advertising, so you can read with much less excitement. Found out I'm sure that you have read articles or occupied, as it is until the end of the article began as Safari Reader, the problem was solved. Another solution is very easy to create a bibliography, so you can have all the products you want to connect to an end. Along with most other programs on the list, Apple will be available through icloud.

Control Center will help you a little better organized. If you're like most of America, so you're always moving, always receive text messages, e-mail, and always has something on your list. Now, quickly swipe down from the top of the screen you have access to all information and pass one by one.

These are the three most important features that will have access to and love over five IOS software will be available. The best part about all of these systems is that they are now trying to register on the people around and wait for 5 new iPhone so that they can be all faults, before IOS 5, will be released to the public. Can you tell me you do not want the iPhone 5 for all others? You can avoid lines and pay for it.

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