The point is SEO Competition

on Sabtu, 05 September 2009

The point is SEO Competition. The purpose of a website or blog, other people would also purpose. there is create a website or blog for commercial or business, to deliver a hobby, a means of communication, etc. If you look in general, many of the manufacturers want a website or blog to the website or on her blog into a website or blog is popular and in flood pleh many visitors. But to make your blog popular and swamped by the many visitors is not easy, all it needs to work extra hard from the owner or manufacturer.
I am not agree with the write atikel easy way to bring thousands of visitors, use of SEO tools that can put our blog on the first page of Search Engine, and so forth. What I want to emphasize is that we must always learn to be serious and work hard to achieve goals, eliminate the word "Easy" from your mind. Let's take the example!
Many people say that to bring thousands of visitors to your website just enough to master the science of SEO (Search Engine Optization) only. That's Right, but remember that mastering SEO itself is not easy to learn and work extra hard. SEO essentially a competition. How many people who mastered SEO? It could be millions in number. so where lies the word "easy" it?
Another example is the way Submit articles to various social bookmarking. Again it is true, but the process requires your work, need a lot of time. Which must be calculated are thousands of other website owners do the same as you are to submit their articles to various social bookmarking and some even use tools submiter. So basically the program is a competition, need extra work more than others if you want to be a winner. So, the way this one was not a thing that "easy" is not it?
Still not satisfied? we take another example of the use of SEO tools. By using SEO Tool then position your website will be in the position of the start page Search Engine, maybe they are true but do not guarantee a hundred percent can be like that. you should think about is how many users the same SEO tools like you have, certainly the number is very much because you were buying from vendors website SEO Tool, but it is also how many users SEO Tool with another trademark. Again it is a competition.
So once again the point is that SEO competition, that learning more diligent and work harder to get out as the winner of the competition.
So whether SEO is easy? please think for yourself!

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