Bloggers launch new Post Editor

on Minggu, 06 September 2009

Bloggers launch new Post Editor -After all this time sitting in blogger in draft, finally post a new editor was officially adopted for bloggers. Surely the new editor of this post there are some added features which would make it easier for us in editing the contents of posts. bloggers:
Some of the features added to the post in the new editor:
Improved Image Handling
Improved Raw HTML
Vertical Resizing
Easy link editing in Compose mode
Full Safari 3 support
New Preview dialog
Placeholder image for tags
New toolbar
Full description of the new features that can be read on the official site google (again lazy): P
Here's how to activate the new post editor:
Please login to blogger with your ID.
Click Settings. Usually you directly taken to the Basic tab.
Headed lower. In the option Select the entry editor, please select "Editor of a renewed"
Click the Save button SETUP.

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