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on Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

The rapid advances in technology have made many people more familiar with the name of the computer. For some people such as students and working class, this object is released from the hard daily life.
Range of activities can be done more easily thanks to the help of computers. From simple jobs such as typing a letter, to edit a photo or send a letter via e-mail, can be performed by the computer. Even now many computers have been used as a medium of entertainment such as listening to music, play the game, to watching TV.
Can not be denied that all the convenience offered by the computer to make so many people want to have it, although there are people who want to have them only because they do not want to say lag period. But, until now still many people who are not able to have your own computer because the computer must be recognized when the price is relatively high to be reached among all. Moreover, many still assume that the computer needs of the number after the various needs of others.
We may not hit the computer so the price is lower according to the size of our pocket, but he is-we can menyiasati purchase of a computer in accordance with our needs. Well, if you want to buy a computer while the limited funds, here are some tips:
1. Define your needs first.
First to understand what the computer you will use later. Is that your child will be able to run tasks school? Or to simply play the game? Or simply that you can learn computer? Computer only needs to type a different use of the computer for graphic design. The more complex, it clearly will be more and more components and the requirements that must be fulfilled by computer. Of course, the more the cost that you need to remove.
Please also note your mobility. If you are a lot of work in the office with a lot of work load, the type of laptop / notebook considered feasible. If you are not there too often here in work (mobile), or you want to use the computer for sekeluarga, the more appropriate if you select the type of PC (personal computer) which is cheaper than a laptop.
2. Look for computers that fit your needs.
The next step is for computers that have the specifications according to your needs. You can search for your subscription in the store, or go to the center computer sales. In Jakarta, for example, a computer sales center that the area is quite famous Glodok and Mangga Dua. There you will see a lot of trinkets on the computer that may suit your needs.
3. Alternatively, use a computer assembly
If your funds are limited, you can search the computer assembly. May not have the computer understand what the assembly? Or computer-assembly is often called the white box by Computer Manufacturers Association, is a computer components built by the perakit (usually by the user or the computer store). Computer assembly allows you to select and prepare their own components that match the specifications you want. In this case, the term computer assembly applies only to the PC desktop, laptop because for unknown term assembly.
Why do I suggest this? The answer simple, because the computer assembly is cheaper than the branded computer. Remember, your funds are limited right? Branded computer install a higher price because they sell their quality assurance. They also bear the cost of business as a result of the large size of the form of their company.
4. Wait for U.S. dollar (U.S. $) down
This may have already become a habit people of Indonesia, namely the purchase of goods go down, discount or cheap. Nah selling to buy a computer in Indonesia are affected with the U.S. dollar (U.S. dollar), because the dollar has become the benchmark price and any sale items always show the price in dollar currency. When the dollar down, the computer-automated price will go down. So if you have limited funds & you include people who patiently wait, you can buy when the dollar down.
Slowly but surely, the computer has shifted the status of a luxury day-to-day needs for many people. Indeed, the price can not be reached among all, but we have limited financial menyiasatinya can so that we spend money that really fit with our needs. Congratulations to play computer canty

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