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World War 1

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 07:10 AM PST

World War 1 is usually referred to as the Great War. In 1914,. Since it began, it lasted four years. But the First World War was always legendary, as is known about these men who play with such an infamous role in history.

Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Hungary, was assassinated by Serb rebels in competition with its political reforms. He was on a visit to Bosnia at the moment. His death released the First World War which Austria declared war on Serbia.

Wilhelm II, German Emperor, he provoked, and conspired with the Austrian government to destroy the Serbian authorities. Former armed forces performance was apparently revenge for the second, after the Serbian terrorists planned to kill the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. It was the German officer during the war with Serbia.

Erich Ludendorff was a German general who led the German soldiers in the war with France and Belgium under the plan Schleife. Ludendorff helped the submarine war in the defense system, and thus brought up in the American movement. Even in 1917 when Russia withdrew from the war, he participated in a peace treaty of Brest-Litovsk Treaty, resolve conflicts and create a new row between Russia and Germany.

Paul von Hindenburg, who comes from his retirement he was appointed as a military officer eight German army on the outbreak of World War I, fought successfully over large Russian militia at the battles of Tannenberg and the Masurian Lakes. Then he became chief-in-chief with his record of victories. Although intelligence reports confirmed Ludendorff, his colleague in the war needed more on the reputation and honors their conquest of power.

Tsar Nicholas II, Russia's sovereign, government employees in September 1915 to help the "Triple Entente". But his leadership never won against Germany because of its strong army and efficient access to ammunition. Winston Churchill was the first Lord of Admiralty British command as England, Russia and France began the war with Turkey after the Turkish government with support from Germany. He led his troops to attack on their first victory over the Turks at Gallipoli, the Dardanelles.

Lloyd George led triump over Germany. In the past. The British Prime Minister His famous victory in the war was the support of Convoy? Fight? For a major German naval forces. Attended and acted well. He played an important role in the Paris Peace Conference to facilitate, within the framework of Nations after the First World War.

Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States during the Great War. He declared war in April 1917 with the resistant attacks in Germany. But later, after seeing the effects of post-war enemy, he took an agreement with the German regime and formed a peace pact, which includes fourteen points of Nations and the Versailles Treaty.

These infamous men played a central role in the Great War. Each of them is their attempt to end the war and from the explosion at the end of each phase of the struggle between Europe and other states. But it was only in 1918 with the establishment of a ceasefire, peace talks bound for World War II simply stopped.

Unlived Life

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 06:59 AM PST

If it was not humanly impossible to live in this world in the complete absence of all others, I very happy that life choice. Just spell the unavailability brings anxiety, and the greatest tragedy that always go together, that we are forced to live. Some invisible force makes us against our will. Life is forced on us and drove. "We are born in vain, in vain we live, and we die in vain." We have high standards of civilization and the army. Learning selflessness still "I" is still the largest and unbeatable idol. We are lying in wait to harm others. Our only interest is protected. Each is a terrible thing that meets our eye. This is nothing more than what might have discovered Swift "I can state that most of your natives to be the most destructive plant nasty little vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl on the earth's surface."

Our stories are tales of kings and battles. The voice is the voice of poets' pain. Any relationship should be seen more vividly, is the second name of the debt. One of the things we call civilization is at least question our choice than coercion. As he says, Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons;

MORE: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned on you, where would you hide, Roper, all the laws that be? (He leaves him) This country is planted thick with laws from coast to coast, man laws, not God's, and if it is cut down, and you're the only person to do it, d'you really think you could stand upright the wind that would blow then? (Quietly) Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law for their own safety.

At a higher level of understanding of the spirit of poetry, unlike the mystics, and even seems to be haunted by an unconscious desire poets injustice, poverty and social problems, it is the only way for them to verses of great importance. There was no injustice, poverty and social problems of poetry would lose its aesthetic beauty and style.

World AIDS Day

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 06:55 AM PST

World AIDS Day is observed first of December every year. AIDS Day is observed to increase awareness about AIDS as a result of the spread of HIV infection. AIDS Day is an opportunity for public and private sectors to increase awareness about the status of the pandemic and encourage progress in HIV / AIDS prevention, treatment and care in high prevalence countries and around the world.

World Health Organization survey in 20011 showed that 55.4 million people with HIV were 2.7 million infected with HIV and two million died of AIDS the same year. The vast majority of people with HIV and AIDS live in low and middle income countries. But HIV today is a threat to men, women and children on all continents of the world. According to Dr. Hasan Abbas Zaheer, National Programme Manager, about 97,400 HIV / AIDS patients living in Pakistan, may be more than how many disabled people do not realize that these infections.

The year 2012 will be a milestone in achieving the Development Goals, promoting a high assessment of what should and should not be performed to achieve universal access to primary care in 2012.

World AIDS Day observation 1 December each year. AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease. This is an infection, so there is no risk of infection with the AIDS virus if the patient blood transfusion or sexual intercourse. AIDS is one such disease that has no proper treatment, or no such research has been done.

New year parties 2012 with big bang

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 06:29 AM PST

While the world seems to be offering their dancing shoes to welcome the New Year's Day 2012, let us wish everyone a very good foodies and Happy New Year.

Historically, it developed that the celebration of New Year falls on the first year in January. People belonging to various cultures adopted their own way to celebrate the beginning. In France, large pieces of wood set on fire, which symbolizes prosperity and happiness. Mexico celebrates carnival, while a person in the Netherlands is special donuts with raisins. Brazil has a new tradition that allows women throwing petals on the waves of the ocean. Very funny and interesting celebrations in Australia, where there is a lack of general attributes of Christmas is Santa Claus seen in a bathing suit with a white beard and a special Red surfboard as visualized on the beaches in Sydney. It followed the tradition in different countries vary, but the old and most traditional is common among all groups, traditions, and who want to exchange gifts on this special day.

New Year's day, people also several important decisions. New Year is the time to develop new horizons and realize new dreams, to rediscover the strength and faith in you to do some essential and necessary decisions. It is also the time when we see people enjoy the simple pleasures, and all but certain to adapt to new challenges. We can also find people that all their problems in the back and hop on a path that can be remembered for a lifetime. We would be wrong to say that New Year is a time when the country is full of the maximum amount of certainty and hope!

Since 2011, lost in the night, we deal in hindsight, how good, positive and productive or negatively affect the whole year. Often we see people chalking the important events that took place this year to look forward to the next.

Food and Hospitality reaching new heights on this occasion, thanks to people who are looking for the hottest party in town, the best food in the restaurant to their families, or the best pizza place to order from the completion of a house party!

New Year's Eve 2012 is one of the most important things that are already making a stir around. Restaurants in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune and Noida are about to do something different and take a broader audience. New Year's Parties in Bangalore is a huge hit every year and set a new level of expectations from the animals. Plans for New Year parties in Mumbai were better than ever, and our sources suggest that the relationship with the Bollywood these parties more than ever! So do not be surprised if you encounter Shahrukh at a party in Mumbai.

Jesse James Got a Tiger Woods By the Tail

Posted: 06 Dec 2011 10:57 PM PST

Fury is a bit cool and hypocritical outrage stopped, but still there are whispers about the reports and other outputs that seem to care more about him than the general public. This is the "story" about "love affairs, and Jesse James" Tiger Woods, the former husband of media darling Sandra Bullock, his infidelity. Why are these stories were always news, I bet he could not why, but the story according to feed not only for the tabloids, but the regular news stations, which had apparently throughout the day reports of any change in the situation or status updates as they become available. Apparently someone thought it was a big news story for Never let the (mostly about Tiger Woods), where everyone tried to jump on the bandwagon and give the media spin on it. Howard Stern even invited to the ex-Tiger "beauty" pageant on his show, which is typical for a taste of Howard Stern humor, but more "legitimate" news, what is their excuse? Now, because of "the message" stories that were really little more than domestic issues, both Tiger Woods and Jesse James are looking for the dissolution of their marriage. They say they have no one to blame but themselves? Maybe, but I really feel that the media are guilty of more than one of them, if the names for themselves a personal matter that would not have made six hours in the evening news in their home cities, much less world news.

Tiger Woods is recognized as a true master of golf. It is best to do it and probably the best thing that ever will be in it. He does things on a golf course only Dr. J could do on the basketball court. He is the Michael Jordan of the green and one of his best records on the links. Full of natural talent, it also put a lot of hard work into learning the art and endured a lot of indignity to the point where he is so highly valued and well paid for his efforts. These are things we know about Tiger Woods, and these are just things that we should know about Tiger Woods. Yes, it's bad that he ran after his wife, but attention from the ladies, is one of the advantages of fame! It has been for centuries, where men (and women) with high respect and position should choose from the litter. Women to them, because everyone loves a winner and sometimes spend a little time with them is the only way they can get close to the size that these men inspire and achieve. I'm not saying its right; I'm just saying that it is so. What do you think that many other players are doing the same? Hockey players? Fighter pilots? Pro-wrestlers? If one do not go to these events, and even polo matches, it is never a shortage of women and men who are here with one specific purpose in mind to meet their heroes and can not do for them what is going to put them on the inside side of their world. So why are kicking around the Tiger?

Jesse James is a talented builder of choppers and bikes and built his career around his talent for making bicycles. I used to watch his show on the West Coast Choppers, and I must admit that although I was never very interested in bikes, I bought one of his bikes, if I could afford. Tattooed stocky man and well spoken on workers' warrior like himself, he did his show as big a hit as his bike shop. Self-made man so handsome and successful, of course, gained the attention of ladies. How to neither meet them with any crime nor for the people, go on dating sites everyday looking for potential lovers and it's not that maligned in the press. And many of them do in a marriage too! But unlike Tiger Woods, the problem with Jesse, he was married to Sandra Bullock darling of America. Of course, it would have no urge to cheat, it was lucky that the problem of "America's Sweetheart." Now I do not mean any harm because Sandra is one of my favorite stars in Hollywood, but Sandra is just another woman. Yeah, that's great movies and earns more than many small states, in order, but like everyone else, once it has experienced, even if you can not beat a new experience. Hey, I'm not trying to be cruel; I just say how it is. So much so, that Jesse does not love her I'm sure that he wanted a new experience. It is hard for women to understand, but as Jean Simmons of KISS says, women have this dream of a man who does not exist. Someone who loves the just and above all other desires, but nobody to them. If these people exist on Mars, you will not find here on earth.

Well everyone knows that they are Tiger Woods in this sex addiction clinic is trying to save his marriage, and apparently in vain for the entire media world (the public really cares) shouts at the divorce Elin and Tiger has it got divorce lawyer to mount him and Tiger found, too. Jesse James was in the same kind of clinic, but Sandra told him to continue with his life for nothing stopped her from filing for divorce. At least be honest. Now I have to justify their actions and condemn them. I still believe, even though it might fare better if the media was not dipping into the company, which was not theirs. It was among these individuals whold world to judge, it is between these individuals and these people! Nobody else should be in the making! Now, thanks to its continuous interference in two power couples are breaking their families and children in their care, they are again ready for a full family and home. It's really a shame that these people could possibly have repaired their fractured relationship, but now they are on their way to the separation, while those pointing the finger hypcrites sit in the judgment of their actions. You know, I can not wait until someone decides to develop the truth about the lives of those sitting condemning Tiger and Jesse for their actions. I bet if we look closely into their lives, we find some of the same things and maybe even some real skeletons! Their day is coming and I wonder what they say when their families along with the rest of the world is privy to what really makes this "business" trip from the city. I once worked in the hotel, so I know what they are doing. And sure, one day, their business will be in the street too!

Alec Baldwin's Parental Alienation Impacts

Posted: 06 Dec 2011 10:47 PM PST

When you hear the term parental alienation can conjure images and headlines for Alec Baldwin and his "thoughtless little pig 'rant to his 11-year-old daughter with an answering machine? What are some of the unintended consequences of the eruption Baldwin? To begin, put parental alienation to the card. When he was released by the volcanic tirade of threats and insults, Alec Baldwin interview the likes of David Letterman, Rosie O'Donnell, Barbara Walters, Time Magazine, etc. to explain itself and describe the circumstances that led him to such a level of anger and frustration. The Universe in a Nutshell ... father was desperate sense eventually suffer severe Parental alienation syndrome.

Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) was first identified in 1980 at the end of the forensic psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gardner. Gardner uses this term to describe the result of parents trying to program the child against the other parent combined with the denigration of the target child's own parents. Alienation of parent's uses harsh criticism destroys the love child of targeted parent.

Recent studies show that 1 in 4 children involved in divorce undergoes Parental alienation syndrome. According to M ª Rosario Cortés, "the alienating parent is the one who has the care and uses it to brainwash children, turned it against theft parents." In most cases, this process is very delicate with custodial parents say things like "I told you some things about your father / mother ...", or that the child is sorry for" abandoning "every time you visit, or theft of parents.

Department and / or divorce can be corrosive emotional ride. To overcome Parental alienation is necessary to manage your emotional state on a regular basis. As a divorce expert Stefan Tracey said ... "Stay calm, cool and comfortable in the emotional crossfire" and asks for what you want. This means that the highway by choosing not to respond negatively or violently when provoked ... not on the hook! So how do you know if you come from your Higher Self? Well, a strong clue is if you feel that you are responding (lower self) versus the reaction (higher self) to the situation. If the response of love to yourself you will feel happier, and so is everyone around you. Remember to take a pause before responding.

Everybody's Talkin' Bout Blagojevich

Posted: 06 Dec 2011 10:38 PM PST

(Now indicted) Gov. Blagojevich is involved in the production of subtitles month. The entire country of Blagojevich is a superficial politician, though he was proven guilty and the accused, who still insists that he did anything wrong, and give speeches just about anyone who would listen to convince them that innocent bystanders, victims ... real people.

So what exactly Blagojevich is accused of? Well there is a charge that he tried to sell Senate seat (now) President Barack Obama is empty. He is also accused of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud and demand bribes.

Although it seems clear that most of it is superficial politician, succeeded to the story. He is the first governor in American history to be indicted. And boy was accused Hello: Illinois House of Representatives voted him out of office in a vote of 114 to 1, it seems that besides no one wanted the guy to his office.

Blagojevich had great support from residents in Chicago, as well as residents of the state as he signed into law a fantastic range of reform legislation from the Illinois state capital punishment laws, to implement a comprehensive ban on smoking nationwide to find health care for children. His election platform spending vilified his opponent, but he apparently did not bother to make a decent amount of spending he once was in the office.

Perhaps most ironic for a man who was indicted for it was unethical work ethics reforms.

To be honest, his entire defense feels like a joke. He missed the first few days after his court appearance in the media, and now says that was never given a fair trial at all because he was not allowed to call witnesses or challenge one of the piles of evidence introduced against him.

In the last few months have been filled with irony, for the people of Chicago because they were forced to follow their state's governor went through everything. He was indicted. He denied. He was proved. He still denied. Even sworn in the State Congress, which would be responsible for deciding whether to remove him from office!

Impeachment trial is still ongoing, but one thing is certain: It's certainly an exciting time for Illinois and Chicago politics. Chicago residents are known for many things but none of them really proud of corruption and scandals that seem to plague the political scene. It's certainly not as interesting local politics, when someone brought up to the test and then flashes media to convince people of his innocence even after he is proven without doubt to be guilty.

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