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on Rabu, 30 November 2011

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How to Become a Victoria's Secret Model

Posted: 29 Nov 2011 10:02 PM PST

Being a Victoria's Secret model is a challenging task. Millions dream of hope that the model and landing a contract with Victoria's Secret. Discover the office in Victoria's Secret swimsuit with a box of chocolate will not work.

Top 10 tips on how to become a Victoria Secret Model:

First ask someone to take your picture. As simple as it sounds, you should use this picture to access reliable modeling agency. Agencies that help cast Victorias Secret model will want to see how you look on film.

Second go to the open call at Ford or Elite in New York City. These two units are primarily responsible for negotiating contracts for Victoria's Secret model. Open calls, it's time to put the agency in meeting new models. Call them and ask if they have "challenges" or see this information on its website. When you arrive, be sure to look amazing and the pictures in hand.

Third, if you refused to work. Gain access to a local modeling agency, where they live with their images. If you were logged to prepare to become friends with professional photographers. You will use these pictures to get attention from Victoria's Secret.

4th Sign up for modeling website. Use Google to find. The world should know that you are there.

5th Get measured and realistic. The ideal height of Victoria's Secret model, 5'9 ", standing barefoot with body measurements 34-24-34.

6th Being thin. You go to the gym. Stop eating junk food. If you are not naturally thin, but the basic body types Victoria's Secret model lease and nutrition coach.

7th Being on the cover of Vogue before the age of 18 years. Increases your chances.

8th Enter the Victoria Secret Fashion Show competition. In 2009 Victoria's Secret had a public offering in October in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami to start a career unknown model. Currently there are four requirements to be in competition. Models must be female, aged 18 to 30 years, from the U.S. and at least 5'8 "tall (barefoot). The contest is a once a year. Google, and keep an eye on it.

9th Being a professional. Time. Do not be late and party before the shooting. It was nice.

10th Meet Edward Razek. Over the last fifteen years, Edward was the man behind Razek cast Victorias Secret. He is responsible for choosing who goes to the pier, and who appears in advertisements. He was to start a career Heidi Klum and Daniela Pestova to superstar status.

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