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on Sabtu, 26 November 2011

my experience

thanksgiving 2011

Posted: 25 Nov 2011 10:28 PM PST

While Thanksgiving is a day with sincere gratitude, it also affects the time in space. 24th November at 10:06 PT is a moon goddess, is the new moon when the Earth Mother, goddess of the moon and sun are in direct alignment. You will not see the moon goddess, as the dark period, but will pull the heart strings start at 10:06, a full twelve hours before the meeting, which lasts twelve hours after the exact time of New Moon.

Goddess of the Moon has a new role now. She was the messenger of the goddess of love, when she was far away in space, which can only be achieved through your intuition. It ended when the goddess of love came to permeate the physical realm, radiates its own message.

Immediately Aquarius moon goddess hired to help with the transition to the zodiac sign of the goddess look. Goddess of the moon was well qualified, as an old man on the moon has turned his wand Moonbeam to her several months ago. Goddess of the moon to know what it means when he went through the experience. So "yes" was the enthusiastic response to Aquarius, she would like to be part of this cosmic shift. Now on every new and full moon times, amplifier moon goddess zodiac incoming energy, supporting each as they take the Zodiac scene.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2011, Aquarius is orchestrating a shift in Sagittarius Sagittarius income to the goddess, with a beautiful moon goddess. Sagittarius is the ninth Goddess Zodiac Goddess appears in the space arena.

Because Sagittarius Archer has been in power for thousands of years, the patriarch of a civilization that carried the strongest optimism and idealism. Sagittarius Archer fare will shoot arrows toward the sky, directing his attention to God's will. If you could actually give up, then God will save and take care of you. You were God's help, to compromise, is selfless and caring for others.

You should find all your weaknesses, your mistakes, and triumph over them. A lot of discipline was needed to achieve these lofty ideals of perfection.

Sagittarius goddess does not bow and arrows, because they will not shoot arrows into the sky. Instead, she would help facilities feet firmly in the physical world. Goddess Sagittarius is one pointedness is a Unicorn with a single straight spiraled horn sprouting from her intuitive third eye.

Welcomes you to your own body, the here and now. Already need to surrender to anyone outside of you to be saved. Task, save yourself, care about you, how you care and sacrifice for others.

Do not worry about the narcissist, selfish and indifferent to others. As you are qualified to care for them in a loving way, you will be welcomed into the matriarch of the era. You will also raise collective consciousness, radiating light for others to do the same.

To do this, attention needs to shift from what is bad, bad and not good enough for you, that what is good about you. How to take care of those aspects that are good, your mind begins to radiate more light and darkness decreases retreats.

Instead you put all your attention to the "bad kid" in you; you give your time and attention to the "good boy." It will not be long before the "bad child" begins to reveal what's good about it too much and the transformation begins.

That's what you will now help the matriarch flower and with everything he dreamed, dreamed of. One can make a big difference just by this shift in you that you are part of collective consciousness. You move outside the frequency plot of the Patriarch of good wins over evil, that you can approach the issue as well as outside of you.

"The impact of learning and want to save and take care of yourself is a much broader meaning than you may imagine," says Archer goddess.

There were only three roles available in the conspiracy Patriarch good wins over evil - victim, villain and heroin. Someone outside of yourself, to save you, to suit you, you can still trapped in the victim mentality, whether we realize it or not. That is why you often attract villains too hurt and abuse you. And when you attract a hero when you get out of danger, that he did not let their control, maintain dependent.

God wants patriarch storyline was great, and its aim is to determine whether you survive, you will develop your will and power. Sagittarius Archer was here; send idealism that got your adrenaline, so you can be a triumph and victory.

Goddess shooter knows he has his work cut out for it when the urge of adrenaline that with triumph, overcome competitive controversial method is very addictive. Care, especially in the beginning, when you let "good enough" to feel unloved, because no power outside of you is for you. It is up to you. When you start to feel the sweetness of care themselves, he will love you. Stay with him, it is far more numerous than you are accustomed to adrenaline during the reign of Sagittarius Archer

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