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on Selasa, 22 November 2011

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6 Degrees of Facebook Separation? Try 4

Posted: 22 Nov 2011 07:57 AM PST

in the vast eco-system that is Facebook, you're closer to your fellow social networkers than you might think. In a new study, Facebook researchers tested the "six degrees of separation" theory and found that four degrees, and in some cases three, might be more accurate.

Facebook teamed up with the Università degli Studi di Milano to take the "six degrees" concept, first proposed in 1929 and tested in the 1960s, into the digital age.

"Using state-of-the-art algorithms developed at the Laboratory for Web Algorithmics of the Università degli Studi di Milano, we were able to approximate the number of hops between all pairs of individuals on Facebook," the Facebook data team wrote in a blog post. "We found that six degrees actually overstates the number of links between typical pairs of users."

Approximately 99.6 percent of any given pair of Facebook users can be connected via five degrees (or six hops, as Facebook put it), but 92 percent can be linked via four degrees, or five hops, Facebook said.

"And as Facebook has grown over the years, representing an ever larger fraction of the global population, it has become steadily more connected. The average distance in 2008 was 5.28 hops, while now it is 4.74," the team found.

When considering people in the same country, meanwhile, the circle shrinks even further, with most people separated by three degrees.

But as Facebook pointed out, the results of its study and those of psychologist Stanley Milgram in the 1960s are not directly comparable. Milgram's "subjects only had limited knowledge of the social network, while we have a nearly complete representation of the entire thing. Our measurements essentially describe the shortest possible routes that his subjects could have found," Facebook said.

Facebook also examined friend connections as a whole, and despite the apparent global connections we all have, researchers found that our social circles are still quite local. Approximately 84 percent of a user's connections are with those in the same country.

"This is what makes social networks somewhat unique: they are both well-connected in the sense that you can reach anyone from anyone else in a relatively short number of hops, but at the same time, they are very locally clustered, with the vast majority of connections spanning a short distance," Facebook said.

Facebook examined all 721 million active users, which is more than 10 percent of the global population, and found 69 billion friendships across the board. About 50 percent of users have more than 100 friends, with the average friend count landing at 190. About 10 percent of Facebook users have fewer than 10 friends while 20 percent have fewer than 25.

Back in August, Yahoo Research announced that it too was testing the six degrees. Dubbed the Small World Experiment, researchers called on Facebook users to place themselves in a pool of users, which would be used to connect participants.,2817,2396732,00.asp

Apple iPad 3 could make a breakthrough in the world's largest PC of 2012

Posted: 22 Nov 2011 07:48 AM PST

Currently, the world's second largest vendor of personal computers, Apple saw its market share to 15 percent Jump in only 9 percent last year. This growth is largely due to strong demand for monitors, which Canalys sees as a personal computer.
But in the fourth quarter shipments monitors in the U.S. may have hit the fire Kindle Amazon and Barnes & Noble's corner tablet that has a launch consumer-friendly price. As a result, says Canalys, Apple, HP and Duke at first place in the quarter, but Apple eventually grab the lead after three iPad debuts next year.
Rival tablet makers are still trying to compete with Apple, and many are beginning to get hints by selling the equipment at lower prices. Debut Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, will help Android developers are finally pushing suppliers existing smartphone applications to run on the tablet. But the timing of the updated Android operating system is not ideal, says Canalys.

Most of the tablets sold during the Christmas shopping season is still a sport version of Android 3.x Android, and it was not known for rapid update cycle. Savvy consumers expect, equipped with ice cream sandwich may actually defer purchases until next year when the latest version of Android is becoming more widespread.
In 2011, global PC sales should reach 415 million, 15 percent gain from last year, primarily due to higher sales of tablets. Total tablet shipments are expected to hit fifty-nine million for the full year, of which 22 million in the fourth quarter, says Canalys.
Notebook sales also provided support for the PC market this year, with total deliveries should reach 211 million, 10 percent gain from last year. Ultra textbooks, which are thin, lightweight, powerful laptops, could boost sales over the laptop in the next five years. But Canalys believes prices would have to crawl sharply.

"The cheapest models are currently around $ 900, the real obstacle to the introduction of mass consumption," Canalys analyst Michael Kauh said in a statement. "More and more manufacturers adopt the ultra book design, component costs and consumer prices decline at this point reached."

Enjoy A Dream Holiday In Freeport Bahamas

Posted: 21 Nov 2011 09:32 PM PST

Freeport is the capital of the Bahamas and one of the most attractive destinations for travelers who are frequently in the Bahamas. A holiday in the Bahamas is an activity that many people like you with family and friends. People go on vacation to relax and enjoy and relax from everyday life that becomes monotonous. If you do not want to take a break at the right time, you are under stress, and this may cause a revival in business and any other avenue that you can work in Freeport in the Bahamas is a fantastic holiday you can relax and enjoy with family and friends.

There are many hotels and resorts in Freeport, where you can give to your holiday. Actually, the place is very nice and you can even plan to go on honeymoon with his partner and an unforgettable honeymoon. Beautiful natural scenery and beaches with white sand and stone is a great attraction for Freeport in the Bahamas. Most hotels and resorts are located near the port, so you do not go through any trouble to get into port. You can share a quiet evening with your partner on the beach.

You can visit the market place in Freeport Bahamas to bring a souvenir as you like. The market has many other things that you can buy from the Bahamas. Many people go to the Bahamas to spend their holidays, even if you are a little bit about the financial side, you have a wonderful time. There are several packages that you can take a vacation to the Bahamas. Based on a cheap trip to Freeport Bahamas does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy a vacation to the fullest.

Yes, they are cheap, but offer packages are very attractive, and you will not miss any aspect. There are certain things you must take care to use the tour offers a travel agency or company. Be sure to check out the various features offered by Touring. Do not be fooled by some fraudulent person who can offer very low prices. Make sure that the rates offered by other travel agencies to find out that you do not get fooled anyone.

Check if a tour or travel package Freeport Bahamas is not a big problem. The Internet is a great source from which you can find all the information you want to Freeport Bahamas. After all, you go on vacation, and it is obligatory to know, what about that place. Freeport Bahamas is an ideal place for you and your family or spouse to leave

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