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on Rabu, 09 November 2011

my experience

Doing Good With Social Media

Posted: 08 Nov 2011 08:48 PM PST

The power of social media and its consequences - whether good or not - stick to almost every day, to laugh or cry, mind and evokes in some cases, they call to order.

Over the years I was really impressed with how the growth of social media, but also many creative people, many opportunities to embrace "technology" and - in a way - something unique. Inspiring them to "do well", someone with their social media presence has.

My first recognition of the power of social media for charity came a few years in my work with the Run for the treatment of foundations - nonprofit organization whose mission is breast cancer in Japan to exterminate life-threatening disease through education, early diagnosis and treatment. While the media like Facebook and Twitter are almost nonexistent in Japan at that time we were able to order through blogs and online viral marketing programs to promote awareness and funding across the country and across time and money efficient approach. The Fund is building to expand its online presence and interest in and funding continues to grow - and clear evidence that social media "do good" really works.

But ultimately, there is of course not surprising. Assuming that the message right audience is targeted and you can capture their interest with the latest information, online access to nearly guarantee. Perhaps the one generalization is dirty, but the reality is that we are again and again these experiences with organizations around the world that use their influence online and offline presence to a change in their local market, and elsewhere, where the Internet connection is available.

What is most interesting for me, but the ability of businesses and NGOs, to create positive change - regardless of the mission - but the power of the individual, the Power of One?

On my return to Twitter in November, I met almost by accident, she lived with Mr. Benjamin Bach and worked in Canada. Benjamin hosting Movember campaign via Twitter, and I am interested in all discussions of ideas and Benjamin work on the project. I soon found myself in conversation, and before I knew it, I'm glad to offer Movember charity auction, all in the name awareness of prostate cancer. A few days later, after a fierce bidding war to Twitter, I finally lost the auction, but decided I had promised to supply money for two main reasons. My grandfather was founded 100 years on the same day of the auction, is that prostate cancer is not willing to make a beautiful and loving people who have more than 23 years of peace again. That in itself is reason enough for me to help my grandfather and others sure to greater awareness of testing and treatment of this terrible disease. But I am very satisfied with how to confront the person recognized as a very important thing that has excited much on-line tools and a group of supporters. At the end of the day charity auction teaser, but the cause are right incentives. And when I'm on the net for something like surfing, I was immediately struck by how much closer to our world.

Two weeks ago I got today on the famous story of Ted Williams - a homeless man on his luck, but with a trembling voice, resonance, so it's really a large number of words spoken.

By the way, before - I know that there are many other homeless people on our streets, most of whom are still struggling even more luck, and have no special talents, which Mr. "Williams, I also know that drugs and alcohol, and .. Life is short lived, but it is plagued by his past crimes, but as for me, everyone deserves a second chance this post is intended to improve the discussion of the "previous" Mr. Williams -. Or the future - but what happened in the past few weeks, clear example of how one idea can change the sparking.

Columbus, Ohio based journalist YouTube clip only one Williams, and nearly two weeks later, the video was viewed more than 10 million times.

In five days. Williams on The Early Show and Today Show got a job offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Quicken, strength and MSNBC. A dream of new life is suddenly an absolute reality, and it seems that Williams was on his way to new success, and what is expected to complete healing. But it's not so obedient only one person, who is expected to stand and useful to go from a journalist who introduced Williams to us. This story has awareness of homelessness in our country and our world. Williams, a reporter asked what we benefit from his experience. He replied with character and honesty, basically reminding us all - as I said in my previous post - and metaphorical book cover. So, what do you think that Mr. Williams, we all learned a valuable lesson? Many of us have boxes of the past, but it can not dictate our future.

I watched Ted Williams's days. And as expected, negative reports from the fast on the heels of positive. And then the eighth January and the following days, Ted Williams was all but forgotten - at least in the media. The result of the world with news that a young man named Jared Loughner crowd was bombarded with bullets, shocked Republic wounded Gabrielle Gifford and killed six others, including a toddler. Grief and anxiety in abundance - which continues to this day.

In the days following the saying Talking Heads began to appear - and then the gun lobby. And suddenly, print and online communities are no longer a hot topic, what happened, but the political situation. Continuing the argument that gun ownership is not necessary, and notes that the armed people will not happen (by accident - a report of another armed man, who was the scene of the victims, but only for the purpose of his gun at the wrong people to turn tragedy to almost even more), open largest cannon in Las Vegas a few days later, and perhaps worst - on the news that after shooting the Glock sales in Arizona.

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