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on Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

my experience

Zombie Costume for Halloween Party

Posted: 27 Oct 2011 09:28 PM PDT

The popularity of cable series The Walking Dead, as well as films like zombie land and Resident Evil movies and even games like plants vs Zombies means that the idea of a zombie costume to be asked. A zombie costume can be simple or elaborate as you want.

Here are some suggestions:

The basic costume.

All you need is your eyes are sunken dark circles around the paint, put some fake blood around the mouth, then some torn and tattered clothing stained with blood and dirt on them to bear it, and your costume is complete.

Decaying zombie.

The emergence of zombies, which begins to break down, use a white cream makeup on her face so pale and seemed to be with a white cream makeup around the eyes, nose and cheeks to get their own body, like skin color, and create a look lifeless.

Ask Zombie.

One of the ways you can become a zombie is bitten by a zombie others. Ideas for zombie costume zombie to bite wounds include creation of false bites with liquid latex or fake skin from corn starch. True holiday latex or leather with a fake Q-tip in a circle and dry. Color and black latex skin painted red in the ring, you should also brush some red on a black surface. Adding then suggest some dark makeup on the edge of the frame bruising place a few yellow spots on some places to make it look more realistic.

Council zombie cemetery.

Zombies, of course, continue notwithstanding the fact that you brought back from the dead decay. You can place full zombie costumes, lazy, with bones in them, and torn and tattered clothes, which had risen just as close to the zombies from the grave. You can simulate armored chest exposed in tattered costume to wear this awesome power to create and create the illusion of yellowed, rotting skin holes in the shirt and pants.

Plants vs. Zombies

A popular game contributed to the current zombie renaissance and is also a rich source of ideas zombie costume, because you like Coneheads and Buckethead zombies or soccer or Digger zombies can be obtained only by wearing a mask general zombies and then see scary right accessories.

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