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Pancreatic Cancer

Posted: 12 Oct 2011 12:27 AM PDT

Pancreas, producing insulin which regulates blood sugar levels. All people must know what diabetes is an important insulin in the body (hence the importance of the pancreas). The pancreas produces pancreatic juice, which helps in digestion of food. If abnormal cell growth of cells (malignant) in the pancreas is called pancreatic cancer. As with other cancers, pancreatic cancer is life threatening.

The cause of pancreatic cancer

pancreatic cancer is one of them again, which occurs in older people (usually people over 60 years). Chronic pancreatitis is alcohol in large quantities, can serve as precursors for pancreatic cancer. Some people tend to associate genes with pancreatic cancer and family history, but it seems that there is no concrete evidence one way or another. Generally, the pancreas does not seem to have a family history of the relationship.

Symptoms and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

Again, there are no symptoms of pancreatic cancer, which is an indicator of confirmation of pancreatic cancer. Pain in fatigue, anorexia and abdominal symptoms of pancreatic cancer, but in fact says that so many other things that come to you, it might be caused by pancreatic cancer can be caused. But if you are skeptical and want to make sure everything is okay, you can always turn to a specialist veterinary fear. Jaundice is a common symptom of pancreatic cancer, but may have other causes. So really, this is the correct diagnosis and tests for detection of pancreatic cancer. Doctors usually will be a urine test (for bile) and blood tests, because the first screening tests for pancreatic cancer. In this case, the test shows that cancer of the pancreas, may need further examination and X-rays (if necessary a doctor) is.

Treatment of pancreatic cancer

as with all cancers, the survival of pancreatic cancer on how soon you can detect symptoms and diagnose pancreatic cancer control. Treatment of pancreatic cancer depends on tumor size, stage of disease and overall health. An important consideration is the size of the tumor and whole or local spread. The cancer of the pancreas and the best treatment for surgical removal of tumor way (and that's a big operation). Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are other ways to treat pancreatic cancer.

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