on Senin, 14 September 2009

Of all the meetings I attend, I see that people are always taking notes, as if common knowledge is so incredible that it should be documented. I have always believed that, "Know thyself, know your God." Understanding yourself is the beginning of the path, and within each of us is a reflection of all that we will face in the world. Notes should be taken only as a reference for orientation. A really good, he connects with his audience shares the experience of energy at the moment with them. Splits To feel a much bigger way to take notes because you can absorb the experience, but if you take it all Notes, you will lose the most valuable reference for energy experience. The real notes are in memory, having conscious awareness of the experience being shared.
The reason why people have a difficult time with really advanced techniques is because they seek to understand through knowledge.Knowledge is only an explanation of the measures taken to achieve the experience, the secret to obtaining correct and consistent success, not knowing that she is in the minds of those who have access to the teacher within and become a student with it.
Something important may be summarized at the end of the lecture. Actual notes personal ties with the energy of the experience shared with the person talking. Thus, you can have a greater awareness of how the unfolding of experience, free from expectations, which is the most powerful subconscious ability to block the experience of deployment. I tell people all the time, if you're not looking for love will find you, but if love is what you are looking for all the expectations, the experience will give the greatest chance to miss their chance at love. You do not focus on what you look like now and focus on what can be, and in the beginning of the experience lost on you.
Live and feel at the moment. If you become connected to anything the experience will unfold for you on the greatest level naturally. Missed because of its connection with the Notes and you will have some knowledge and experience will still be deducted from you. You prefer to apply the knowledge and personal experience?

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