The Latest Season of Dancing with the Stars!

on Minggu, 20 September 2009

What ever the promise of this season I had all the dancers, actors, judges and participants tired. Choirs Leach man frustrates me a lot, I heard even watch. But then, Gilles Marine, Lila Kim, Tee Murray, Melissa Mycroft, The Wiz, a friend of Julianne, Chuck Wicks, Denise Richards, and Shawn Johnson arrived, and some others that really interested me.

Those who are really interested in me? It was French actor Gilles Marine, who pulled together for an eighth season of Dancing with the Stars was a sailor on radar just after the movie Sex and the City in which he played Dante. The proof that it is not an act of wonder; Gilles shows his other talent on Dancing with the Stars. Most of his dances rise of heat in the room. Judge Carrie Ann Indaba said, what many women felt time - Gilles wife Carol is very happy.

The big disappointment was on the show Denise Richards - they showed an almost complete lack of talent and personality. The Wiz was the personality, but no talent. Chuck Wicks gave it his all and has lasted longer than most. I do not really like Lila 'Kim, until I saw her dancing, then amazingly well. They were a team that has shown the talent and chemistry. How surprising is when Lila 'Kim was also voted a partner less talented dance.

So who did the shows in recent years? With almost no preparation Melissa Jewel replaced an injured shortly before the shooting season. But this was not a big leap for them - Melissa has trained in ballet. Ballet really pays for Melissa. Twice she had received thirty three judges. But does not always work perfect, you will not be rejected. (Ask Sabrina Bryan, who early in order to eliminate another season after receiving a perfect score.) Rodeo champion Tee Murray worked on his dancing the most, and it shows. It comes at a very amiable. Marry legion of fans has been a great advantage. Tee in the show because of the thousands still vote for him and his adorable personality. Shawn Johnson's Olympic performance was so endearing, and his dance is the same. And rounding off this curious distribution of celebrities Gilles Marine, who do not move, I do not like it necessarily.

So if you take the winner's home 100k bonus? Other celebrity participants and their partners will be sent on the next show. Then the last three dance teams have one last dance-off. You know what I'm going to be presented tonight. I hope that at the height of best moments, which has already happened this season, and we get to see, certainly not!

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