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on Kamis, 06 Agustus 2009

gambar doraemon Nowadays a lot of viruses -viruses that appear, both local and foreign. Indeed, many are also anti-anti-virus can detect the virus, such as local pc Mav-famous in the virus-virus membumihanguskan local. But sometimes the virus is also a lot of - the virus, both local and outside the "recalcitrant" as difficult as once detected antivirus database that is used may not be it, or in other words anti-virus database is less quickly by the creator of the virus.
Following signs of a computer or your PC is exposed to the virus:
1. Your computer is running slower than usual.
2. Menu Run, Search hidden by the virus.
3. CTRL + ALT + DEL can not be used.
4. Regedit and msconfig disabled in
5. Original folders on your computer hidden and replaced with a file virus.
6. Menu Tools -> Folder Options missing in Windows Explorer.
7. Computer frequently stops responding or not.
8. Computer suddenly restart or crash, and this happened a few minutes once.
9. Computer application is not running properly and often error.
10. File icon appears with the file folder but have type.exe
11. Hard drive or disk drive can not be accessed.
12. Summary print does not work properly.
13. Often happens that strange error message and does not usually.
14. Often visible menu or dialog box that is damaged.
15. There is duplication in the name of the folder in the folder.
16. Always remove the computer from which the message originated this virus.
If you experience one of the characteristics above, there is a possibility your computer is exposed to the virus, immediately update your antivirus and scan your computer
to clean the virus

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